Submission deadlines refer to 12 PM UTC on respective dates.

                             April - early June 2020: all training scans for all 4 tasks available for download    

                     end June - early July 2020: open submission and release evaluation script for validation (subset of training data)

                                                 mid July 2020: test scans and annotations available (release in time before final submission date)

                                            September 25threlease of test data

                                            September 30th: submission of docker that computes displacement fields for test scans (inference on NVIDIA GPUs, relevant for computation time bonus, docker/algorithms will be deleted after evaluation)                                      

                                                   October 2nd: rolling submissions of new participants without the ability to gain ranking scores for computation time; deadline for accompanying method description (0.5 to 1 page); notification to participants for presentation at the workshop

                                                    October 4th (mid-night): submission of pre recorded talks for presenting participants or live presentation on October 8th

                                                    October 8th: (virtual) MICCAI 2020 Learn2Reg Challenge Workshop

                                                 October 16th: submissions of 4-page papers for the LNCS MICCAI 2020 Workshop postconference proceedings