Learn2Reg 2024


  • Learn2Reg 2024 will be held in conjunction with WBIR at MICCAI 2024 in Marrakesh.
  • See the results of our L2R spin-off OncoReg here!

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L2R online:
  • learn2reg.grand-challenge.org (This page) provides all information about the current Learn2Reg-Challenge, as well as our support forum and challenge archives
  • github.com/MDL-UzL/L2R provides code for evaluation, zero-deformation fields for sanity checks and other useful utilities for developing your image registration algorithm.


Standardised benchmark for the best conventional and learning-based medical registration methods:

  • Analyse accuracy, robustness and speed on complementary tasks for clinical impact. 
  • Remove entry barriers for new teams with expertise in deep learning but not necessarily registration.
Learn2Reg removes pitfalls for learning and applying transformations by providing:
  • python evaluation code for voxel displacement fields and open-source code all evaluation metrics
  • anatomical segmentation labels, manual landmarks, masks and keypoint correspondences for deep learning

Learn2Reg addresses four of the imminent challenges of medical image registration:

  • learning from relatively small datasets
  • estimating large deformations
  • dealing with multi-modal scans
  • learning from noisy annotations

Evaluation: Comprehensive and fair evaluation criteria that include:

  • Dice/surface distance and TRE to measure accuracy and robustness of transferring anatomical annotations 
  • standard deviation and extreme values of Jacobian determinant to promote plausible deformations,
  • low computation time for easier clinical translation evaluated using docker containers on GPUs provided by organisers.

Organisers / Contact: The full list of organisers can be found in the proposal document below, for any practical questions please contact Alessa Hering, Lasse Hansen, Christoph Großbröhmer, Wiebke Heyer and Mattias Heinrich at learn2reg@gmail.com . See the full MICCAI Learn2Reg proposal  here.