Submission (Docker)

For a comparison of registration algorithms regarding inference time/runtime participants may submit their methods as docker containers (and thus, gain computation bonus points). All submitted docker containers will run on the same hardware. We provide a docker container that you can extend or modify to prepare your submission. All necessary files can be downloaded from here. The input and output file structure may also be inferred from the exemplary docker container and should not be altered. To run and test your docker submission locally you may download the training datasets for the task(s) you work on and extract them together with the (validation) pairs_val.cvs files in the corresponding test directories (test/task_01/, test/task_02/, ... ). For the test cases we will only alter the pairs_val.cvs and test images. If you only work on specific tasks, your docker should only output displacement fields for those tasks. To build and run the provided container use the following two commands:

docker build -t l2r_submission .
docker run --mount src="$(pwd)/test",target=/l2r/test,type=bind,readonly --mount src="$(pwd)/submission",target=/l2r/submission,type=bind l2r_submission

Runtime computation

The runtime of your algorithms will be computed for each registration pair by the time difference between the first access of the test data (fixed image, moving image, masks, etc.) and the moment the displacement field is written to disk. Keep this in mind when you are preparing your submission and avoid unnecessary computation (e.g. GPU initialization of you deep learning framework) during this time interval.

Legal Notes

Within the L2R Challenge the submitted docker with your algorithm will be evaluated on a local NVIDIA server of the Universit├Ąt zu L├╝beck. The evaluation will only be used to evaluate the Challenge data and will not be used for any other purpose. In particular, it will not be used in, on, or for human beings and/or for therapeutic, diagnostic, or other medical purposes, nor will it be used in connection with or brought to market with any medical device. The submission does not give rise to any liability or warranty claims against the submitter and the challenge organizers.

The submitted Docker will be deleted by October 8th 2020 at the latest.